2013-04-22 17:06:46 by Vyill

So I finished my biggest tune in history. Now I'm doing the mixdown. Too bad Ableton's super dumb and taking literally longer to export a solo channel than all the channels together. I'm so pissed off. But hey, sick tune coming! I want it released though. Need to contact some independent dubstep lables.

Anyway, the song's called Cyberpunk. There'll be a preview soon.


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2013-04-22 18:03:15

was cyberpunk the most generic name you could come up with?

Vyill responds:

Was hating the most generic thing you could do? Try harder ;P


2013-04-22 19:14:36

nope, the most generic thing i could do would probably be to make a dubstep track called cyberpunk

Vyill responds:

The name makes sense...since you know...The synth in it sounds cyber. Have any better names, buddy?


2013-04-23 00:21:07

Cyberpunk is fucking retarded lasse is right.


2013-04-25 15:56:13

Good going.