Some updates (Plus my fav producers)

2013-04-18 18:54:16 by Vyill

Okay, so here are some updates:

-Got some really sick stuff in the works (Can't let you in on it yet ;P)
-Trying to get some more nexus packs (Need those)
-Still trying to get promoted >< izzhard

Oh, and here's a list of my favorite Dubstep producers and why:

Borgore: Probably one of my biggest inspirations. Love his way of incorporating some sort of chiptune melodies with nasty basses. Also love his new formants as seen in Smell Your D*** and Why Does It Feel.

xKore: Another big inspiration. Love his massive sound and his really heavy drums. Also his stuff is super complex and loud.

Datsik: Amazing basses with this guy. He really picked up his game with his new releases. I was not a big fan of Vitamin D. :/

Excision: Okay, how can I not like this dude? His stuff is just killer. I mean, jeez.

Doctor P: Another big inspiration. A lot of my chiptune love came from this guy, along with my gameboy and NES :P I love his really loud formants too. (Lots of Doctor P inspiration in my Mega Man 2 song)

Anyway, that's it. Cya. Kbye. (Pls follow me :D)


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