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Transmission :b

2013-04-17 20:21:16 by Vyill

Sup guys! So, I'm Vyill. 13 year old producer from Florida! Been messing with music for about three years. Hope you like my stuff!

I use Ableton Live, Massive, FM8, and some other nice little gadgets :P

I've got some really sick material coming out soon. I've been submitting to promotional channels and independent Dubstep labels. Really hoping to get my name out there. I wanna get a release on Beatport, soon. I'm planning an EP before the end of the summer, but honestly, it could come around fall if I take my time. It's going to be super heavy, unlike anything I've released before! :D

So yeah, thanks for reading! Follow me if you haven't already!



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2013-04-18 00:15:35

13 Years old and has Ableton, Massive, FM8 and more?
Whoa, your the richest 13 year old I've ever met.....
...Heh heh heh heh heh...

Pirating is bad? Mhmmmkay?

Regardless, don't rush it man. You are very very young, if you aimed to work on production quality over the next 4 years, by the time you are turning 18 you'd be making some incredible music.
Don't rush it, take your time, it'll only help you master production

Vyill responds:

Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, I do have some money in the bank, ;) haha. I'm not trying to rush it. I'm actually taking my sweet time. I've been at this for three years, and my production quality has grown a LOT. I have a lot more to progress in, though. I have made a lot more progress faster than I would think, though. Anyway, thanks for the response. :)