Ego Up

2013-05-14 14:13:57 by Vyill

So I've got this new free track out for you guys. It's dubstep, featuring samples from Egoraptor. Check it out here for the stream and download:

Thanks for the 400+ SC follows :D


Aw yeah! Finally finished this one! Spent the last two days finishing the mixdown and master so it sounds as good as I want it to be. Really love the outcome. By far my biggest, best tune to date. Hope you enjoy it!

It'll be released soon, hopefully before the end of the summer. :)


2013-04-22 17:06:46 by Vyill

So I finished my biggest tune in history. Now I'm doing the mixdown. Too bad Ableton's super dumb and taking literally longer to export a solo channel than all the channels together. I'm so pissed off. But hey, sick tune coming! I want it released though. Need to contact some independent dubstep lables.

Anyway, the song's called Cyberpunk. There'll be a preview soon.

Here are some tips I have for anybody who wants to / does make Dubstep!

1) The Drop Impact
You know how the drop in really big dubstep tunes has a nice impact? Well, besides the sub and crashes all happening at once, you want to have the first kick in your drop be sssuuperr heavy, so there's a huge boom when everything comes in. The easiest way to do this is to turn up the Decibels to about 8-10db. (If you don't have it set to 0db as default, just add 10 db)

2) Mixdown LAST
This is probably obvious, but I'll make it clear anyway. Mixdown should come near to the end of composing. Sometimes it's okay to do a bit of EQing and etc here and there, but it's best to mixdown last. Why? Because lets say you mix down all your drums, and then you compose the bass, then you mixdown that, and then the mix down is all messed up and muddy. It's better to mix down as much as you can together versus all over the place.

3) Get your own style
It's great to get inspirations from your favorite producers, but don't just copy somebody's style. You want to come up with your own, unique style. That's how people will recognize and remember you and your music. Look at the big name dubsteppers out there! They all have their own unique sound that makes them memorable.

4) "My CPU is totally BONED. HELP!"
Ever working on a project, and you've got so much in it and it's all awesome and stuff, but your DAW is lagging like crazy? That's cuz your CPU is going up the ***. To fix this, you can change the latency settings so their higher than default, OR you can export your stuff from Midi tracks to audio, then re-import them. The reason your CPU is going wild is because you have tons of Midi and external VSTs in your project. Export some stuff to audio, then re-import, to help keep your DAW running smoothly.

Remixing can really get your name out there. It's always good to remix. Notice how a lot of the bigger producers started with a ton of remixes? That's why. Remixing is a great way to help make your presence known.

6) Promoting, promoting.
Ask a Dubstep promotional channel to feature your music on their page! There are tons of youtube pages that'll do this, such as ClownDubstep, VitalDubstep, and many more. Also, make tons of social media pages for your music. The more pages, the more fans, the more views, and the more plays! This'll get you out there. You want at least something like this:
-A youtube
-A newgrounds :P
-A soundcloud
-A twitter
-A facebook
-A bandcamp

7) Don't give up! :D
If you're ever in a rut, and can't find any inspiration, don't call it quits. Just take a break for a while. Soon you'll find your vibe again! I sometimes take week long breaks, just listening to tunes, and then I'll come back to producer, ready with a fresh mind!

Anyway, that seems like enough for now. Hope these tips were helpful for you guys! Thanks for reading. Be sure to follow my newgrounds and check out my tunes. :)


Okay, so here are some updates:

-Got some really sick stuff in the works (Can't let you in on it yet ;P)
-Trying to get some more nexus packs (Need those)
-Still trying to get promoted >< izzhard

Oh, and here's a list of my favorite Dubstep producers and why:

Borgore: Probably one of my biggest inspirations. Love his way of incorporating some sort of chiptune melodies with nasty basses. Also love his new formants as seen in Smell Your D*** and Why Does It Feel.

xKore: Another big inspiration. Love his massive sound and his really heavy drums. Also his stuff is super complex and loud.

Datsik: Amazing basses with this guy. He really picked up his game with his new releases. I was not a big fan of Vitamin D. :/

Excision: Okay, how can I not like this dude? His stuff is just killer. I mean, jeez.

Doctor P: Another big inspiration. A lot of my chiptune love came from this guy, along with my gameboy and NES :P I love his really loud formants too. (Lots of Doctor P inspiration in my Mega Man 2 song)

Anyway, that's it. Cya. Kbye. (Pls follow me :D)

Transmission :b

2013-04-17 20:21:16 by Vyill

Sup guys! So, I'm Vyill. 13 year old producer from Florida! Been messing with music for about three years. Hope you like my stuff!

I use Ableton Live, Massive, FM8, and some other nice little gadgets :P

I've got some really sick material coming out soon. I've been submitting to promotional channels and independent Dubstep labels. Really hoping to get my name out there. I wanna get a release on Beatport, soon. I'm planning an EP before the end of the summer, but honestly, it could come around fall if I take my time. It's going to be super heavy, unlike anything I've released before! :D

So yeah, thanks for reading! Follow me if you haven't already!